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Anime Netflix Recommendations and Downloading Methods

Animeflix is the official application from Hulu that allows you to watch anime series on the go. Unlike other similar applications this one is not a third party application, but is an official one from the anime company itself. If you want to know more about the animeflix application and how to get it for free you can read my previous article on my blog.

You may be wondering what the catch is, well as someone who has tried animeflix I assure you there are no catches involved. This is not like other video streaming sites where you have to download tons of files and spend hours upon hours of your time downloading them. With animeflix you only need to register for an account which is free, create a username, password and join the various communities, then you’re all set to go. The community is awesome, there is so much content and support from anime fans worldwide that it’s just not worth the download costs!

Anime shows are available in English, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and several other languages, it really depends on what country the show is being aired in, because there are a few countries that only broadcast anime on their television stations. Some of the popular ones are: Korea, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Philippines, and the United Kingdom. If your native language is English you can also access anime shows from other countries such as: France, Spain, Portugal, and New Zealand. If you live outside of these countries then it’s best to use the free VPN server I’ve linked to at the bottom of this article, this will allow you to still stream and watch anime online without any problems.

Like anything else on the internet there are many shady operators and scams that are setting up to take advantage of people like you and me. That’s why it’s so important to use one of the recommended VPN networks such as Anime Netflix, the official app store doesn’t have any apps listed that are not related. The only anime app they do have is the anime app store which is specifically designed for the software. You will need to download this and install it onto your computer. Once this is installed you can then connect to animeflix using their browser, or you can log into your username and password on the official anime site to stream the anime shows directly to your PC.

If you want to use the free version of Anime Netflix then it will cost you about $4.99 a month. This is still far cheaper than purchasing all of the episodes at iTunes. I would definitely recommend the paid version to anyone looking for a solid anime download service.

Now that we’ve went over the pros and cons of Anime Netflix, it’s time to talk about where to find torrents of the anime shows. A lot of these torrents are hosted on sites that allow you to download free software. This software will then act as a proxy to connect to the anime websites where you can freely download and watch the anime shows.

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