Is MangabeX a Legitimate Program?

Like its parent, Mangadex is an adult dating website designed for adult manga enthusiasts. The founder of this web site, a person by the name of Takashi Maeda, claims that Mangadex was designed for “ornamental and sexual websites” and that the site is “not for family relationships”. In other words, you can come on Mangadex without having a family member looking over your shoulder. There is also an adult video chat option on most of the pages. What’s more, you are able to download full episodes of the popular anime series straight to your PC.

Much unlike its parent site, Mangadex is not affiliated with any particular company or animation studio. “Mangadex was built for readers who want to get rich-text content from manga sources without the cost of a manga publisher”, says Maeda. This comic free website has been available for a couple of months now and has already attracted several thousand readers. Many of the site’s users have expressed interest in learning how to read manga. Maeda hopes that this will lead to more readers visiting the site and hopefully to eventual sales of products created by the mangadex team.

One feature of Mangadex that sets it apart from other online comic reading sites is the “Holo” feature. Holo is a special part of Mangadex that displays a number of manga pages side-by-side in a comical way. As you scan the pages, the location of where they are located is indicated on the page. For example, if a reader wants to look at a series of mangaboxes about Japanese fishermen, they just point to the picture of a boy holding a fish and clicking on it.

For people who are interested in offline reading, the site offers a “scanlation” function that works much like an online manga reader. Scanlators allow readers to go into a certain chapter of the manga they want to read without downloading it. Once the reader finishes scanning the page, the website allows them to view the translated text as well as view a table of all the translations that the escalation has produced.

There is a growing trend among foreign authors to translate their manga into English and submit it to doujinsan. The doujinsan is an online database site that allows translated chapters and releases to be listed on a bulletin board for readers. Currently, there are twenty-two categories listed on the site for manga translations. However, there is also a free list that can be used by authors who would like to translate their work but do not want to register themselves as a doujinsan. The list is available at the MangabeX site.

Some doujinsan offer a fee to translate older chapters of manga titles. If you prefer to download a specific type of file from a particular scanlation sites, you will be able to do so free of charge. You will need to register yourself as a user before you can proceed to downloading files from the site. MangabeX is currently offering a free scanlation program. To download this program, you must register at their site.