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Cell Phone Snobbery – Is This Something You Suspect?

Phubbing, also known as cellphone snobbering, is the practice of snubbing someone you are talking to in person by means of your cell phone. Simply put, it is a cellphone snobbering. Phubbering was first coined in 2020 as a term in Australia. An Australian marketing firm invented the word to define the growing trend of individuals ignoring their loved ones and friends who were close to them and instead browse through their mobile phones. The term quickly gained popularity throughout the Internet and throughout the United States.

There is a plethora of uses for Phub: Phubbers may use their cell phone to annoy their partner, children, co-workers, bosses, or even spouses. It is not uncommon for Phubs to use their cell phone to talk on the phone when at home while their kids sleep or when they are out at the mall. In addition to being a nuisance, it can be a threat to your safety and even to that of others if you are a target. If you are a victim of cellphone snobbery, you can do some simple things to stop Phubs from bothering you or others:

Always try to communicate using the phone without using your cell phone. Cellphone snobbers are easily frustrated when their call is not immediately answered; they will often hang up and then pick up their cell phone, so that they will never get the chance to hear what you have to say. You may also want to leave a note on the answering machine that you are not available for immediate answers, which will only confuse your Phuber.

Don’t wait too long before calling. It may seem unappealing to use your cell phone while waiting for someone to get off the phone, but in many cases, it is not an option. Many Phubs have been known to call the police, or at the very least ask for assistance while waiting for the operator to take their call. You should always try and avoid calling your Phuber’s cell phone at all costs. If you do have to call, make sure to leave your name, address, and possibly a friend’s contact information. This way, if your call is not immediately answered, you will know who to call back to.

If your Phuber has ignored you or anyone else you know, don’t allow Phuber to remain near you. Do not allow them to stay near the person you are trying to contact. Be aware of where they keep their cell phone and their proximity to your area. You may want to purchase a small flashlight in order to get closer to them, especially if they are sitting a few feet away.

Once you have identified the individual that you think is calling you, simply call the cell phone and ask the person to leave you a message. Do not be intimidated by their refusal to answer it. In many cases, they may have moved away or disconnected the number. If they continue to ignore you, just hang up and move on to someone who you feel is willing to speak to you.

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